Ah... shuddup. Quit yer moaning.<br><br>Oh no... don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining at all. I will get my new iPhone apps one way or another, sooner or later. I was only contemplating how much simpler and less potentially frustrating this whole new rollout could be if Apple were to let current users have at their software updates and app servers before all of the new users come on board.<br><br>Little more than a passing thought after remembering the first iPhone rollout -- there WERE problems then! <br><br><br>Count your blessings that you have an iPhone.<br><br>Oh I will really be counting them after I'm able to put what I wish on it without continually hacking it! <br><br><br>I don't and likely won't until at least a year from now. Likely 2 years.... <br><br>In the immortal words of a true American political tyrant, master of deception and American Constitutional moron, "I feel your pain!" <br><br><br>...and right now I'm envious as h3ll of Americans.<br><br>Well then, come on down and get one. There has to be some kinda' way to get some kinda' service up there in the frigid north. Or, look at it this way, you guys have the Aurora Borealis, and most of us down here can't even tell you what it looks like! <br><br>Actually, I really can't believe you good Canucks -- and other assorted indigenous Canadian species -- don't have iPhone service yet. I thought you folks would have been the first to have iPhones... other than us, of course.<br><br>Truly sorry, my dear! Hey, would it help to lie and say they're actually not all that great... you're not missing all that much? Nah, didn't think so! Hey, you could always move here! <br><br>Hang in there, Ms. 'Adagio <br><br>droog<br><br>