So, it appears Apple will not only roll out the new iPhone on Friday, but they will wait until then to roll out the new App Store and the iPhone software update. <br><br>BIG MISTAKE, in my opinion!<br><br>I remember how difficult it was getting some things accomplished when the first iPhone was released. Now, Apple will roll out the new iPhone, service with AT&T must be implimented, new purchasers/users must open accounts, download software, update iTunes as well as current iPhone users doing the same, there will be a mad dash for pps at the App Store, etc., etc., etc....<br><br>Not that I know anything about the inner workings at Apple... but, I will venture to say things would go a whole lot smoother and faster if Apple released the new software and opened the App Store before Friday... that way they [at least] get the current iPhone customers' needs/wants/desires out of the way before the rush on Friday.<br><br>Are you kidding me? Everyone I speak with who currently owns an iPhone have been waiting for a year (or more) to be able to download actual applications for their iPhones (including myself), and will be in a mad dash to do so whenever the App Store and new software becomes available.<br><br>Apple, release the new software and open the App Store before Friday! That way servers won't be jammed, and those who are going to purchase for the first time will want to do so even more... they will see all of those nifty new apps on their current iPhone-using buddies' iPhones, thereby solidifying their desire to purchase that new iPhone! <br><br>droog<br><br>