Okay, now that I'm on holiday for a couple of months I've decided to stop faffing about and make a start on my Web site so I was hoping to get some advice from you guys to make sure I don't start off with any wrong decisions.<br><br>To put you in the picture I put this project on hold 8 years ago to become a teacher so the concept is already highly evolved and ready to roll as a registered limited liability company with sample site artwork, icons, content specs, whole site flowchart, costings and forecasts. I want to get to a prototype in phase 01 so that I can move forward to secure finance to develop and run the site as a business in phase 02 so my initial question is - what development tool should I use? <br><br>The site is a sprawling virtual city with municipal, business and retail outlets organised into 7 districts but because it's graphics-based I need to be able to turn each image, for example a library, cinema or high street newsagent, into a link that leads to relevant content or services. The central objective is to deliver legal services and educational content in the form of live and recorded keynote lessons and publications but being a virtual environment there are actually no limits to what could be delivered at the site.<br><br>Site Logo ---><br><br>[img]http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/...otobucket[/img]<br><br>At the moment the artwork for each page is in the form of whole page illustrations created in Illustrator but once inside the site each image needs to be a link to take the user to the appropriate activity, product or services.<br><br>I seem to have a demo copy of RapidWeaver installed - would the full version of that be any good for what I'm aiming to achieve? Any help would be much appreciated,<br><br>km<br><br>