The site is looking good and much easier to navigate than MacNN since their merge with some company whose intention it is to make it impossible to decipher, much less find, information.<br><br>I am having one problem with your site. On some pages, the text is so small that I can't read it. I am using NetScape 4.77 which may be the problem. Your site is acting like it was built for IE... something that galls a bit.<br><br>I like navigator because it is much faster moving about the net, dragging files directly to a folder for example, and it tightly integrates mail and news. I have tried IE and it seems much cludgier and slower. Unfortunately Netscape seems to be behind the times in terms of language comatibility (ie, IE will render some pages that Netscape will not).<br><br>Anyway... please see if you can make your site a little more useable for Netscape users if it is possible.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>