so, uh, i'm going to start using three or four computers on a home network and would benefit from having the same safari cookies on all of them - this because i'm too lazy to organize a place to keep all the log-ins for sites that require them.<br><br>anyone know of any little apps out there designed to enable "cookie sharing"?<br>or maybe there's a way that doesn't require an app?<br><br>the folks at the local apple store dunno about this.<br><br>if i haven't been clear enough yet, here's what i hope to do: get all the cookies that are on what has been my "main" computer (iMac G5) and insert them into safari on a MBP, my old Powerbook G4, and my older iMac G3...<br><br>thanks very much in advance for all suggestions.<br><br>(i haven't recovered yet from the loss of the old maccentral forum and have found it difficult to move, but it's nice to see a lot of familiar names here. best wishes to everyone.)<br><br>