Well they appear neat... much better deal than the iPhone 1.0...<br><br>SO I thought maybe I'd wait til Jan or next year to upgrade... mine is fine.<br><br>Then today we had to go to an AT&T store to upgrade my wife's 4 yr old phone. Battery died - won't recharge and to replace just the battery is $45.<br>So we figured time to upgrade. they had a real nice LG Shine $200 phone for $49 after rebate and 2 yr contact. Because of my son's and my iPhones -we're not changing carriers any time soon.<br><br>The LG Shine is 3G and comes with 2 antennas for better reception. The 1st antenna will pick up the closest 3 towers and the 2nd antenna is the 3G tower... so not only do you get 3G capability for internet, but just general phone call service is better. I checked at home where our reception is poor (trees block signal and we're in a slight depression) and sure enough my iPhone 0-1-2 bars... my wife's new LG Shine is 3 ! <br><br>Puts a whole new perspective on the new iPhone for me... <br><br>Well.... here's A-nother fine mess you got me into !! <br><br><br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)