Yeah sorta like what Sean mentioned,, if you have 25 + macs then certainly there is some saved money to buy a new one at the expense of buying Apple Care. <-- 25 + Macs is not a "typical" Apple user, per say. At the most in one time I had 5 running Macs but now I am down to just 2.<br><br>Anyway; Apple Care has paid for it self.<br><br>1 - Performa 600 CD - logic board replacement for free est 800 bucks.<br>2 - Power Tower Pro 225 <-- never had problems with it - did not buy Apple care<br>3 - G4 350 first generation - bad ram chip free replacement est 500 bucks<br>4 - Mac Mini first generation G4 - dead due to ant infestation ????? or so I was told<br>5 - Mac Mini G4 2nd generation 133 - still running<br>6 - iMac 24 inch 2.8 intel core 2 duo - still running<br><br>So 4 out of 6 Macs never had problems that I could declare warranty issues under Apple Care. The 2 that did have problems, Apple Care fixed it free of charge. Keep in mind that the PTP 225, I did not buy Apple Care at that time for that Mac clone. Consider the 2 that needed Apple Care has paid for the coverage of the other 3 Macs.<br><br>Bottom line;<br>Apple Care is like car insurance - you can drive around happily thinking of all the money your saving on not buying insurance. Once you get into an accident your mind switches to - "dang I wish I was insured" <br><br>