[color:blue] I think you'll always have more problems on a box that wasn't made by Apple than one that was.</font color=blue> <-- exactly,, Apple would lose control of the hardware integration. You now would have OEM installed drivers for whatever pice of crap they would install in their boxes that changes every month.<br><br>Remember the Mac Clones and the return to the Mac Clones part two - I don't think Apple will go down that road again. However that the clones, Radius, Day Star Digital, ATS, Power Tower and some others did kick Apples collective arse in marketing and price and most cases in speed too. Apple lost control.<br><br>Microsoft;<br>IMO their biggest problem and why Vista crashed and burned is because of all the legacy hardware and software it must bear <-- simply MS let the OEMs run ramped while they focused on licensing schemes and not controlling the platform.<br><br>