"92 percent of developers ignoring Vista?"<br><br>Since our MS cheerleader isn't here, I'll play the devil's advocate. In reality, developers are writing for the .Net framework which means their software will run on both XP and Vista. Considering the majority of the Windows user base is still on XP, it would make sense that there is no rush to code for Vista specific features.<br><br>With that said, Vista has been taking a beating in the press. I'm not sure it's entirely warranted. It's pretty safe to say that the majority of the Windows using population are not enthusiasts. Likewise, it's not surprising that they prefer to stick with XP which is "good enough". Windows by definition is the "good enough" platform as it has never been the "best". There seems to be an assumption that everyone is waiting for Windows 7. I'm not sure that's true. The XP using people I talk to use it because for them it works and they see no reason to risk upgrading and breaking drivers, etc. <br><br>