I saw a suggestion on another forum to do a search with that string, and this is the Google result:<br><br>[color:blue]Results 1 - 10 of about 1,010 for "remove vista, install XP"</font color=blue><br><br>I don't mean this as a Windows bash, although I guess it can be seen that way. But on the contrary, I am really saddened by it. Say what you want, MS is a great corporation, with lots of very talented people. How could it have failed so miserably??<br><br>[color:red]&#63743;</font color=red> [color:orange]&#63743;</font color=orange> [color:yellow]&#63743;</font color=yellow> [color:green]&#63743;</font color=green> [color:blue]&#63743;</font color=blue> [color:purple]&#63743;</font color=purple>
MACTECH ubi dolor ibi digitus