Since they need to train for upcoming missions in Iraq (and maybe Iran) the fighter planes from the guard base at our airport have been training quite a lot. You can't usually see them. They are noisy, but small and fast, and flying a bit too high to spot them. Once in a while you do, and they look like tiny black fleas. It's unseasonably cold today, and all my windows are shut, but in spite of that, you can't escape this blunt, insistent roar that crescendos and dissipates as the planes come and go.<br><br>This is nothing like a low, one-time flyover. That at least is a spectacle. This noise is occasionally piercing, but usually just dull and steady. It doesn't go well with any kind of spring day, chilly or beautiful. If, somehow, I believed that the Bush administration were a force for doing good in this world, maybe I wouldn't mind it. But the fact of the matter is that in the first place I am long since past my youthful awe for fighter planes, and the dangerous repercussions of a possible new war on Iran greatly intensifies the annoyance.<br><br>Not long ago. I was on a departing plane and we had to wait a couple minutes for some F16s to land. As we heard them pass by, the pilot announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, that's the sound of freedom!." <br><br>In a couple of years these planes will be relocated to some base elsewhere. We are told that instead we will have unmanned drones here that they call "reapers." What a clever name. I wonder if they 'll be noisy. Will they, too, provide us with lots of "the sound of freedom?"<br><br>