I'm gonna look into this myself. I'm really cheesed off by what happened the last few days with my web site, and I think I'm getting ripped off as far as how much storage I'm getting for MORE than this iPowerweb costs...<br><br>My domain is with register.com, but I'm not sure I have control over the DNS setup...I'm going to look right now...<br><br>Hold on....<br><br>Yup, I do. I have the option of deleting the current DNS servers, and adding new ones...So I guess it would be pretty easy to make the switch. I just have to look into my current account with my web host NOW...<br><br>Hold on...<br><br>Hmmm...I'm only paying about $60 a month now, but only getting 40mb of space. Under iPowerweb, I'd be paying about $95 for the year for 400mb...<br><br>It's a good deal, but I was hoping maybe to get around 100-200mb for the price I'm paying now...<br><br><br><br>[color:red]Hold on, it's time for a </font color=red> <br>