I am following the total number of delegates for Obama and Clinton.<br>I am using the following news sources: CNN, NY Times, AP, MSNBC, ABCnews, & CBSnews.<br><br>One day before the WV primary, I averaged the delegate count from all six sources.<br><br>On May 12th, Obama had 1864 delegates (average of all six news sources)<br> Clinton had 1694 delegates<br><br>Today, Obama has 1898 delegates (average of all six news sources)<br> Clinton has 1715 delegates<br><br>Clinton easily won in WV yet she has only picked up 21 delegates in six days. This would obviously included the WV delegates.<br>Obama has picked up 34 delegates. This would obviously include some of Edward's delegates.<br><br>After WV, Clinton only picked up 1 delegate. She won 20 delegates in the WV primary.<br>Obama picked up 26 delegates since WV. He won 8 delegates in the WV primary.<br><br>No matter how Clinton slices it she can't possibly win.<br>She can add Florida and Michigan to the mix in almost any proportion she wants and she still can't win.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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