Realize Huckabee was a BIG favorite by many GOP... he was their conservative "savior"... and had McCain not taken the lead early ... he might have been the nominee.<br>When you look at the GOP field this time... man those were slim pickins... even the guy that left standing is pretty "thin". He's a 1 issue candidate - National Security and that's it !! Every other issue - he's a "wannabe" !!<br><br>That's why I don't believe those dumb polls that show McCain 43%, Obama or Clinton 45%... BS !! ...who are they asking ? 500 GOP party leaders and 500 Dem Party Leaders ?? <br><br>and as gas approaches $5 a gallon... even more will vote their pocketbook... sure the hard core GOPers will stick with lame McCain... but what's that ? 30% ?? (max)... so it's 70% Obama - 30% McCain... at worst, I think it'll be more like 60% - 40% ! (55% - 45%). I really think McCain will have a tough time breaking 40%. (unless Bush gets a national disaster like 9-11 to hype the fear factor BIG time)... <br><br>but even that could backfire... smart people will ask if another strike happens.. why weren't we protected ? all of Bush bellicose policies, stealing our Constitutional rights, ignoring FISA, creation of the Homeland Security Dept., all the security measures costing trillions, .... and we're still vulnerable ?!! WTF !!!! ..... <br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)