How Obama lost a vote<br>I will never vote for Obama because:<br><br>His lack of patriotism. His friends of 20 years consist of Pastor Wright (anti-American), Bill Ayres (anti-American terrorist), Louis Farrakhan (anti-American Muslim sympathizer), Tony Rezko (Syrian-born who has financed all of Obama's campaigns).<br><br>His lack of judgment. He chose and stayed with these people 20 years.<br><br>He sold out the people he claims to champion in Illinois to repay a debt to Rezko. Those are the poor, underprivileged who live in low-cost housing.<br><br>His lack of experience. 126 working days in the U.S. Senate and 110 present votes in Illinois Senate.<br><br>America will be defeated from within, and I will never be a party to that.<br><br>Mildred Legg<br>Desert Hot Springs<br><br><br>........................<br><br><br>I have come to two conclusions. Mildred Legg has recently moved here from WV ... or she's been reading Mojo's posts on this forum.<br><br><br><br>