Neil (?) -<br><br>Actually it is a lot easier and faster to do many things from the keyboard (saves moving your hands among other things) but the whole idea of a GUI is that it is usable without training. Without re-writing a book about how to design a "Humane Interface" - if you can give people an interface that does not require training, remembering arcane key combinations (all key combos are arcane to someone!), etc you will give them a system that will allow them to create and not cripple them with trying to remember how to use the computer (etc).<br><br>The beauty of this little idea (basically modified from the ideas of others of course!) is that you can figure out the use of the icon by just looking at it. I never have to tell anyone what it is for - they just know.<br><br>The beauty of this idea is in it's simplicity.<br><br>