An iPhone will be my first mobile phone--and my landline is already with AT&T so I think transferring the number (since keeping both is very expensive) should be easy.<br><br>But I get a ton of junk calls--including squealing faxes!--on my landline. All from the previous owner of the number. (AT&T told me that they never promise you will get a "new" number, and sure enough as I move from city to city I've always gotten recycled ones.) Getting those junk calls while I'm out, and paying for them, would drive me CRAZY!<br><br>And as a small business owner, it's not good to always just send every unknown caller to voicemail. But I may have to do that--even if I get a new number and annoy all my current clients, the new one may get spammed too.<br><br>So, is it possible to have the ringer off for unknown callers, and on for known callers?<br><br>Maybe I'd just have to create a silent ringtone, and then put a custom ringer on each contact in my address book. (That could take a while!)<br><br>And can you have vibrate AND ring, so at least I know when a silent ringtone call comes in, and can then check my VM?<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br> |

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