Since Apple does not offer the ability to engrave iPods already purchased, I have been feverishly looking for alternatives to have this done properly post-production. <br><br>It looks like Apple is using a YAG laser. I'm told these systems start at around $75K so this would be cost prohibitive for most jewelers. Below are some examples for your information if you are interested. Scroll down to the "decoration/ stainless steel" example. (*Picture example there). Listed below are the settings.<br> <br>Decoration<br><br>Method: engraving<br>Laser type: 90W Q-Switch Nd:YAG<br>Marking time: <15 seconds<br>Material: stainless steel<br>Mark: logo production <br><br><br><br><br>I found a company in San Jose, CA who will do this process[Same parameters and character limitations, although they might be flexible on this(?)] for $35.00 for a single iPod and only $50.00 for up to 3 iPods at a time. I think thatŐs very reasonable given that they normally charge $150.00 for a single setup, fixing lenses and such. They felt confident there would be no problem in doing this process with the iPod intact as any heat generated is so localized and short lived it would not cause any damage to any internal components. That said, and out of an abundance of caution, one might want to wait to have this done after their Ipod's 90 day warranty has expired since I have no idea what Apple's policy might be on warranty work done on iPods that have been lased post-production. I would give out the engraving company's web site, but they would prefer to be contacted initially by e-mail over that of the phone. Savvy users wanting more info might work around this doing a search with Sherlock and/or Google ;=) Their e-mail is as follows: <br><br>email: <br><br>No, I am in no way affiliated with them, but they were very kind & helpful and I thought I would help them generate some business as well as help all you who have post production iPods and would like them engraved "properly." <br><br>Now, lets have some fun with this since I have not decided what to put on my two other iPods. Apple engraved my third. What kind of clever, humorous inscriptions would you folks place on yours. (Two lines of text not to exceed 27 characters each). (I know this has been done on a competitive site, but the users here seem to be more adult). <br>:D<br><br>For example, certainly not the best... "Bill Gates: Eat your<br> heart out!"<br><br><br>-------------------------------------------<br>RWoelk <br>Generating 2048 bits of randomness...<br><br>Only the educated are free! -Epictetus