This goes along with "Ginger Breadman" post<br><br>My new office was without a printer so after a few weeks I got a HP dinosaur to use until my all in one HP/scanner/fax yada yada shows up.<br><br>2 weeks later a HP all in one printer shows up "refurbish model" would print but would not scan' <-- watch out for refurb HPs<br><br>2 weeks later a brand new HP arrives and is installed according to "IT" it works? So naturally I go to my work Dell to check email BUT nothing happens,, I have a desk top image but thats it. I then do a "re-start"... Now I cannot even get through the log in screen,, the DELL is useless ---- but I do have a new HP printer that works I think?? I mean how do I know at this point.<br><br>Anyway;<br>I have a 20 minute or so call to "IT" and they will TRY to walk me through the process of just trying to LOG IN <-- getting the Dell to recognize my old,, new or any password, as this would seem its a XP software thingy ??<br><br>Bottom line;<br>I been close to 3 months without a decent printer let alone a scanner. ___ I Love the XP world.<br><br>