<br><br>I have the same model and overall, the screen is ... okay. <br>However, lately I have experienced sudden overall colour shifts, the likes of which I never had with any previous powerbook.<br>Out of the blue - literally - the screen suddenly has a light blue haze over it, including the menu bar, which only disappears on rebooting, so, I guess that would make it software dependent.<br><br>Also, I find the vertical viewing angle less than ideal. A tad more angle and the screen gets a strange "khaki" look. And even the calibration seems somewhat out of kilter .... the right control fields, which determine tint, need to go all the way toward the bottom right, in order to get a decent alignment.<br><br>With my previous G4 AluBook, the screen may have been dimmer, but it seemed more correct as far as color/hue is concerned.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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