He's a Muslim, that's it. Just look at that name, and *gasp* he spent time around other Muslims as a child. Such a funny-named dark-skinned man must be a closet Muslim and dangerous for America! Here, I even have a picture of him in some funny clothes. Just don't tell anyone we gave it to you Mr. Drudge.<br><br>(Time goes by.)<br><br>Oh, that Barack Obama. He must be an angry black man. Yup, that's it. Oh, you can't tell? You like what he has to say about economics and opportunity? Well have I got the thing for you. You should check out his pastor. Yeah, that Wright fella! He's an angry black preacher man and he's *gasp* friends with Sen. Obama! Yup, forget that speech Obama gave all about race and his record. Those really don't tell you much about him. If you want to know about Barack, you gotta check out this preacher. I mean, I would have left that church in a second if I knew he was so black and angry.<br><br>(Time goes by.)<br><br>You all aren't going to believe this. That Sen. Barack Obama... he's an elitist! Yeah, that's right. He's so elitist. Forget that people are sick of being pandered to with wedge social issues in order to keep them from voting for their own economic interests. That's not the real deal here. The real issue, Sen. Obama is a straight-up elitist. Forget that I have lobbyists working on my campaign. Forget that I have voted against your economic best interests and supported all of the deregulations that brought on the mess we're in right now. That Sen. Obama is an elitist!<br><br>Now here's the question: Could these be the statements (albeit exaggerated) of someone on the Clinton campaign or the McCain campaign? Given President Clinton and Mark Penn's work on expanding NAFTA as well as McCain's economic policy reversals... does it really matter between those two?<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U
-- Cee Bee Double-U