On Thursday, I ran the Quicktime, iTunes update, and after rebooting was unable to boot up. All I got was a kernel panic. When I booted up from the Install disk (this is OS 10.3) there was no sign of my hard drive. So I chose my OS 9 partition to boot from and was able to get into it fine. Then today, (after being laid up with the flu all weekend-I never catch stuff like that!) I went into my preferences (HD/Library/Preferences and HD/User/Library/Preferences) and removed everything that had an April 3, 2008 date on it. I also removed a mach and mach.sym file (are they the culprits?) from my root directory since they had the suspect date. Then I rebooted into my OS X partition. That computer is currently downloading the last five days worth of newspaper editor email, so I'm back to where I was minus a few preference settings and such. I'm just curious what caused the problem. When I get caught up with work here, I'll have to investigate the whole thing further. Ideas, anyone? What's the best way to report this stuff to Apple, anyway? Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but I sure haven't found reports of anyone having the same problem.<br><br>GBR (OFI)