British soldiers are facing prosecution for another isolated incident of torture in Iraq.<br><br>If any Iraqis or other Arabs looking in think they may be tortured by British or other foreign troops I would recommend that you try to get some weapons to defend yourselves - don't worry you have a right of self-defence.<br><br>There have been quite a few isolated incidents of torture involving British troops in Iraq. On one occasion in 2003 soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers strapped an Iraqi to a forklift trick and repeatedly drove it into a wall. This latest one of April last year is said to have involved former wrestling champion and Shia tribal leader Jabbir Hmoud Kammash. Twenty soldiers broke unto his home causing his wife and kids to all start screaming - that's not allowed - Human Rights Act 1998, ECHR Art 8, everyone is entitled to respect for privare and family life. Then they took his money - that'll be First Protocal Art 1, protection of property, not to mention theft.<br><br>Anyway, along with two sons and three of his mates he was hooded and bundled off to the British military base in Basra. Two soldiers sat on his back which caused him great pain - not allowed - Art 3, prohibition of torture. Then they started kicking him and hitting him with rifle butts until blood started gushing out of his head so he needed medical treatment but even as he lay on his hospital bed, still hooded, someone started torturing him with a pencil and after stitching up his head they dragged him out of bed for interrogation, <br><br>After that they re-hooded him and dragged him off to some open ground where they made him sit on rough gravel on his knees - Art 3 again, inhuman or degrading treatment. Every time he felt sleepy a soldier kicked his back or hit him with a rifle butt to keep him awake - not allowed, Art 3, sleep deprivation.<br><br>km<br><br>