a lot of investors love having MSFT because that stock pays pretty darn good dividends. so even if it isn't rising, it's still generating $$$ for investors.<br><br>AAPL has risen rapidly over the past 2 weeks. while they are way off of their 52 week high, that high was very artificial. i was hoping that AAPL might get to 150 by the end of the year when they were at 120. now, they are nearing that point. i'd be wary of jumping in now that the stock is trading for $30/share over their low less than 1 month ago. the price has gone up pretty quickly. on the other hand, the momentum on the stock appears to maybe be shifting back to more buyers than sellers:<br><br> <br><br>that's often a sign of a nice steady rise ahead. hmmm.<br><br>