As long as we're telling personal experiences, I might as well bring in that other race that has all but been forgotten: Indians. Most of us don't like that term "Native Americans," because it sounds pretentious and because what we're native to wasn't called "America." It was just "the world." Ours was a strange kind of racism. The white men wanted to kill our men and marry our women. Then, their offspring were taught never to mention their Indian mother, who would agree to anything if her children got to live. A generation later, we thought we were white. Then we found out we were Indians. So what the heck are we? Both, I guess. Or neither. I have three lines of Indian ancestry. My kids have 5. But they also are descended from George Washington's chief Geographer, a British loyalist who only slowly warmed up to the new American Republic, so blue was his blood. <br><br>It was sure strange growing up with John Wayne movies where one of the Duke's bullets killed 40 of our kind. And our best couldn't hit him from point-blank range. At the turn of the century (1900) they didn't bother with "No Indians Allowed." They just shot 'em. <br><br>Maybe the problem in this country is that everyone belongs to SOME race, and EVERY race is reviled by some other race at some point in history, if not the present. And maybe it hurts a little when you look outside your windows and realize that there's someone standing out there looking in who is of another race, who happens to hate you for your own race. "Why the nerve! Don't they realize that WE'RE the good guys?<br><br>OH well... Lots of healing to do in this country. We're all guilty on some level or another, and it's time to cross the threshold, apologize for the past, and forgive for the future. <br><br>[color:green]Pictures and things</font color=green>
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