If you were following the news lately, the 15-minute movie "Fitna" have been causing rage in Islamic communities. To get a brief, a link on wiki explained it:<br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitna_(film)<br><br>The narrower the thinking, the more raged people become.. To borrow a thought from The Matrix' Merovingian, it's all cause and effect. Not to mention how the local cultures were disguised with Islam (like what happens to females of all ages in places like Sudan and Afghanistan is culture and NOT Islam).<br><br>As I was upset with the international reactions from the Danish cartoons, I'm now more upset with the reactions from this movie.. I was relieved to see more peaceful (non-violent) reactions on both occasions here in Saudi Arabia, I know the world is looking at us with a microscope.<br><br>Ok, going back to causality, what caused the misunderstanding?<br>- Hidden political and economical agendas of certain individuals, lead those individuals to plot the steps to achieve their goals.<br>- To achieve their goals, they've selected violence, as they have criminal minds and cannot think with other methods.<br>- The easiest way to recruit sheep is to appeal to them personally, and the fastest path to touch anybody personally is religion, with a blend of local cultures.<br>- In our region, Islam is the most common religion, thus it's the religion of choice to recruit as many people as possible. If they cannot be recruited, they'll at least be supporters.<br>- The plots were made and the violent spree began: assassinations, bombings, mass murders, militia, ... etc.<br>- The sheep wearing the cloak of Islam, started doing whatever their leader told them to, and since it was religious it was unquestionable.<br>+ Backfires: local cultures were exported/imported.<br>+ Backfires: the world's powers were not busy licking their wounds, but stood up.<br>+ Backfires: taking much longer than original plotted for, and new players started popping up.<br><br><br>The rest was bad history, and most of us witnessed it and it emotionally scarred us.. Among the scarred people are those who drew the cartoons and made the "Fitna" movie.. But did we, in the nations of Islam, try to heal the scars? No.. And for that I sincerely apologize for not making an effort in clarifying the bad picture those criminals painted of Islam. <br><br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>
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