I've got a bunch of applications that act like extensions or control panels in OS 9:<br><br>FruitMenu<br>WindowShakeX<br>ASM<br>TinkerTools<br>Xounds<br>LaunchBar<br>MenuCalendar<br>StuffIt Deluxe<br><br>In the realm of atraightforward applications, I've got Graphic Converter, BBEdit Lite, Omniweb, Mozilla, ScanWise for my AGFA scanner, GifBuilder for X, PixelEnhancer, MS Office for X, PageSpinner, Thoth, LimeWire, AIM, anAtlas, EarthBrowser, Interarchy, Eudora (with which I'm still not happy), Cypher, MacJanitor, USB Overdrive, Omnidictionary, SystemOptimizer, StarCraft, Reckless Drivin', MacSolitaire, NeverMind, Battle for the Universe.<br><br>Thank the lord for Freeware and cheap Shareware! <br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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