This seems silly and stupid, at first glance, but is developing into a real pain in the ass. I use My Yahoo Beta as my start page. That means I have opened a Yahoo account. I know, it's free, and that means I should have reduced expectations. Here's the problem - With your Yahoo! account, you register through to join "groups" such as the local Freecycle group, and my Scouts, and my Fire company, and a few others. These "groups" are means of communication for several organizations. Somewhere in the registration process, they ask you to set up a security question and answer, to use to retrieve a misplaced or forgotten password. Well, here i am. With the advent of the keychain, I have irresponsibly been lax in recording passwords, especially one for something as capricious as "Yahoo!" Something on their end occurred recently, and I found myself locked out of some of my groups. I searched pretty severely, but found no way to email them directly for help, but a little time Googling yielded a phone number to their "Customer Care." From there I received a very lengthy email address to their "Account Security Help,' to whom I applied. I received a reply from them that they need a copy of a photo drivers license before they'll reset my password. I say they can go to hell, and refer back to their user assigned security question and answer. They sent me a long list of identity related stuff that I am supposed to mail in or - get this - FAX in, if I want my account reset. Sounds pretty bad to me. <br><br><br>The Bill of Rights doesn't grant us our rights, it merely enumerates them.
The Bill of Rights doesn't grant us our rights, it merely enumerates them.