<br><br>if ya don't wanna click lookie here:<br><br>Contest Launched to Name Most Abusive Corporation of 2008<br><br>And the corporate watchdog group Corporate Accountability International has launched a new contest to name the most abusive corporations of 2008. Nominees include Archer Daniels Midland, Toyota, Countrywide, Mattel, Nestle, Blackwater, Wal-Mart, and Wendy’s.<br><br><br>=<br>listen to reason<br>it's open season<br>on the anti anything's<br>evolution has a way of crushing, oops<br>did I say that<br>I meant, shocking the heck outta those under the duress<br>of language-phobia, like 0's and 1's<br>scarring the bejeezuz outta the one's listed above at the URL<br>got that 411<br>never forget <br><br>moderation<br>education<br><br>is me.<br><br>[color:green]Cleansed by the grassroots hardcore.</font color=green>