"get back to honoring church and state separation"<br><br>When did we ever get "to" church and state separation?<br><br>Isn't referencing religion (or God, at least) a part of American political tradition since the beginning, like, say, the Declaration of Independence?<br><br>I think the term "church and state separation" is a little misleading, anyway, since there has never been any one denomination which has attempted to make itself THE state religion of the United States. So in that sense there has always been the separation. But if you mean separation of God and state, that never really got a foothold until the mid-twentieth century, when the Supreme Court attempted to make it the law of the land.<br><br>Better check your history if you think the U.S. had separation of God and state in the 19th or 18th century.<br><br>GBR (OFI)