<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p> Wright is just the issue du jour over the last week to use in order to save their partisan face.<p><hr></blockquote><p> Interesting view. Watching the Daily Show and seeing all the clips of Republican attack dogs (one was Karl Rove! Is he a hired talking head somewhere?), saying "this could be very harmful". "this has legs", "could be a mortal wound to candidacy", "the middle class white will run from him", it sure is one hell of an issue du jour. <br><br>The only news I watch is through the Daily Show and that's usually saved up for the weekends so I am always behind on the video news cycle so it may look like more of a concerted effort than it is.<br><br>If it is a concerted effort it is a good ploy. A little more doubt and Clinton remains in the game and the Democrats continue squabbling for another month.<br><br>But I think they overplayed their hand and they over estimate the stupidity and racism of America. We aren't that stupid and we aren't that racist that we fear the words of one fiery preacher turning all who listen to him into hate whitey zombies. The only people who seem to be taken in by this ridiculous proposition are the 27 percenters. That segment of the population who still think all that is Bush is grand and that we we are planting flags of democracy in Iraq. Not Obama's base. Reading MacOSXAddict's post that he knows now who to vote for is better and more refreshing news than anything I have read in months. A rational and pragmatic person listens to a candidate explain his position and decides without listening to the spin. Could that be a trend?<br><br>God damn America, I think you have a chance!<br><br>