Give it up nk. You are talking to minds made up. A wall. No words from Obama or you are going to change that. Some words by a preacher in a church are enough to erase the presidential aspirations of any man or woman within hearing distance. Pretty amazing super powers this preacher has. Even when the aspirant condemns the words, that is not enough. He should have run from the building when that man spoke. Even though that man has been doing kind works and is spreading the teachings of Jesus. <br><br>If you are planning on running for President. This is what you must do if you hear any words that criticize our government. Jump from your seat and scream, "I condemn you." Then run away as fast as you can. Then you will be assured that these walls of criticism will never occur. That you will garner all the votes.<br><br>Not.<br><br>Meanwhile John McCain embraces the endorsement of John Hagee who hates you because you are Catholic. But he doesn't stop there. He hates muslims and gays too. But does McCain denounce Hagee? No way! That is his base. The same base that is all up in arms because of the reverend Wright's words.<br><br>To call this a double standard is completely unfair to the clear and concise way that Obama has explained everything in his 37 minute speech yesterday. We can wait for McCain's 37 minute speech explaining Hagee. Waiting for Godot.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>