That first photo still makes me as sick as the day it happened. Quaint and tidy Boston showing the ugly underside during the bussing strife that wracked Boston, mostly South Boston, during that time. That black man in the three piece suit was I believe a lawyer walking out of Boston City Hall. He walked right into a bussing demonstration and that kid from Southie made himself famous by beating him over the head with the American flag.<br><br>Sad times. I can say only God damn all those individuals who perpetrated it. God damn the politicians that fed on that racist frenzy. One I remember clearly was the loathsome Louise Day Hicks. She came very close to becoming Boston's mayor in 1967. Many still consider her a hero. Not that long ago and lots of things have not changed. The vilifying of the Reverend Wright comes to mind.<br><br><br><br><br>