Is it elitism to have the ability to put oneself in another's shoes and see life through their eyes? So be it. I find it a useful tool which allows me a way of focusing on problems in my daily life. It may seem harsh to call someone who cannot or will not do this an idiot but I believe it is a severe handicap.<br><br>I sit in a contentious meeting and my side is starting to yell. The opposing forces on the other side of the table are coming up with completely ridiculous bean counting restrictions and the science is going to grind to a halt. But by putting myself in their position, seeing the frightening consequences, the loss of turf and power, I can see why the hackles are up. So by doing this I can come up with a solution that puts them at ease, and their power and turf are protected. ( I can steal it later since now I know their weak points.)<br><br>When I wrote that line about transposing oneself into the life of another I was not thinking only of Obama. I was thinking of Cass in "Somebody in Boots" by Nelson Algren or "Native Son" by Richard Wright. I was thinking of taking those main characters and walking a mile in their shoes. To understand Obama you have to do that. To understand Wright you have to be in the pulpit in the South Side of Chicago. To understand why Obama will not stop loving Reverend Wright or his grandmother you have to do that.<br><br>What I was really thinking about when I wrote that was Joe South's tune "Walk a Mile in My Shoes".<br>[color:blue]<br>If I could be you and you could be me for just one hour<br>If we could find a way to get inside each other's mind<br>If you could see me through your eyes instead of your ego<br>I believe you'd be surprised to see that you'd been blind.<br><br>Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes<br>And before you abuse, criticize and accuse<br>Walk a mile in my shoes. </font color=blue><br><br>Am I elitist to think that the ability to walk a mile in someone's shoes is necessary to understand how the world works and that someone who cannot do it is an idiot? So be it. You aren't born with it. We are born self centered and the world revolves around our crib. Then some of us grow up. Idiots don't. A lot of the criticisms of Obama's speech are the criticisms coming from self centered children who cannot look beyond their own shoes. To be PC I will not call them idiots. Mentally challenged?<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>