Poly, <br>well I heard another long section last night driving home from class... he was talking about frustration in the black community... frustrations in the white middle class, affirmative action, etc.. <br> I think he nailed it... and his plea to work together for the good of all was well founded, and explained.<br>I'll try to get to the whole thing tonight... <br>the only part I think Wright might not be happy with is Obama denouncing parts of his sermon.... but I also have to say I heard a chunk of Wright's sermon and there is a lot of factual truth there... (about our history) ... it just was presented in too inflamatory way and his soultions/answers are quite different and radical from Obama's plea to become more united to better the country for all of us.<br><br>The right wing pundits and the "grandma under the bus" criers totally missed the big picture, but they're never going to admit anyone outside their narrow minded scope has anything positive to say or do anyway. H3ll my dad sometimes would use racial slurrs (not very often but rarely and most of the time in jokes), made me cringe just like Obama's grandmother, but you still loved them with all their faults. I totally empathesized with Obama there. and you can't pick your family... it is what it is !<br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)