nah, all he did is say we all have elders who grew up in different times and had different perspectives that we don't share, but that the inner person isn't bad because of their upbringing and skewed biases.<br><br>i still remember my grandmother wanting to go watch my high school play a basketball game and i drove her as she was old and frail nearing 80 at the time. i went to a high school where white students were less than 50% of the total student population. the second largest racial group was black students. we arrived and started looking for a seat. there was a group of black students taking up one section for about the first 3 rows. i guided my grandmother next to them and asked her if she wanted to sit right behind these students. in a voice that was far too loud she said, "no, i am too scared to sit near those blacks. let's go up higher." much of the group turned and stared and i could've just died right there. <br><br>we all have these experiences in one form or another and Obama was highlighting this commonality. i am not surprised that you're picking and choosing this snippet or that one to highlight and parse to try and appease your notions of what you want Obama to be. more power to you.<br><br>