<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Okay, so there. I suppose you could go read any number of blogs for reaction to the speech and ignore the spirit and the words themselves and be perfectly fine with it because it conforms to the viewpoint you chose beforehand. There are plenty of places to go, all just falling over themselves to determine your interpretation for you.<p><hr></blockquote><p>Hmmm .. I watched the speech live .. had a printed copy of the speech. I followed along as I listened and watched. Wrote my comments and reactions in the margins ... and when he threw his Grandma under the bus, I wrote "Damn, he threw Grandmama under the bus." <br><br><br><br>So, why don'cha dial your Obama man-crush defensiveness back just a tad.<br><br>Among other thoughts I jotted down during the speech today:<br><br>*Obama's speech was disappointing. <br><br>*Contradicted himself. Over the weekend said he wasn't aware of any controversial statements. Today admits he was. <br><br>*Never had a pastor come close to saying the hateful words similar to Rev. Wright's words (this is when Obama tried to link Wright's controversial remarks to those of "your pastors, priests or rabbis.") <br><br>*Touts good works of Rev. Wright as if excusing his comments. Would he be so willing to give Don Imus pass by looking at his past good works in order to excuse his ONE racist comment? <br><br>*Obama has a long connection with man he calls profoundly mistaken and word deplorable. Why? Wright didn't get this way overnight. <br><br>Obama's speech has raised more questions than answered. I'm getting ready to see how Network news covered his speech and watch the speech replay.<br><br>***********************<br>I got nothin'
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