Shoot, I go and post to a funny post which shows several links of bloggers using the "Throw grandma under the Bus" and by the time I reply (I'm watching Red Sox Classics) the post is gone.<br><br>Well here it is. I hate to waste my words.<br><br>---------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>How can I nail Mattmac112 or any of the other sock puppets here on that? MattMac112 could be the very first person who eloquently described Obama's speech today as "Obama throws Grandma under the Bus". Then all these bloggers plugged into the network picked up on this hilarious depiction of Obama actually throwing his old white grandmother under a bus and the cat is out of the bag.<br><br>Can the Mattmac112 that we have here think for himself and not copy and paste the wit and wisdom he finds from somewhere else or is he the origin? How do we know? <br><br>Thirty years from now we will know one thing. This speech will be known as the Obama Perfect Union Speech or it will be known as the throw granny under the bus speech. If the latter our Mattmac112 might be the one who coined the title.<br><br>Not.<br><br><br>