Thanks for that suggestion, newkojak. However, I live in a rural area (out in the middle of nowhere, way out on the elbow of Cape Cod, and in-between two huge conservation forests, with not much but the Atlantic ocean outside of it). There is only one other wireless network showing up on my channel, it has a very weak signal, and doesn't even show up most of the time. I seriously believe my router is dying, since I have a brand-new Motorola Surfboard modem and Comcast broadband. That seems to be the weak link in the chain, since all of the 5 Macs in the house are having the same problem. <br><br>Please, Mr. Postman, bring me my new router! ARRGGGGHHHHH! I was 10 minutes late for my online UMass class group chat tonight. I just couldn't get online. I suppose I could carry the iBook to the living room and connect it directly to the modem via Ethernet, but that 12" screen and my 50+ year old eyes aren't making it.... Sigh....<br><br>