I keep losing my connection to the Internet with the old D-Link 524 (yup, it's a fossil, but it has served me well). I have a brand new Motorola Surfboard modem, because the old one went south about a month or so ago. I've tried resetting the D-Link, but no joy. I've also updated firmware on it. I think it's time to get a new one. Any suggestions from someone who's purchased one recently? I've been looking around and there are SO MANY choices out there compared to five years ago when I bought this one. I'm taking an online class and my final exam is next month. I'm sort of nervous about losing my connection during the exam so I need to buy something dependable soon. I don't need to cover a wide area, living in a small house, but I need speed. We have a Mac Pro, a MacBook, an iBook G4, an eMac 1GHz, and an iMac 600MHz CRT on the network. The old iMac CRT uses the original Airport card and the rest use the Airport extreme cards. <br><br>