I thought about that. But by his own admission, he'll be shelling out the dough for a brand spanking new machine in a year or so. I thought that he might better just purchase this very important peripheral rather than get a machine that might not be supported before too long (a G5). <br><br>Unless I'm mistaken, he doesn't do back ups (big mistake-- are you reading this Bruno?) and it would be a shame if he lost all the pix and movies of those terrific kids of his (are you reading this, Bruno ). <br><br>The again, all this could be an incidence of transference. I myself long for a Time Capsule (or at least an external HD that would play nice with my APE and Time Machine. It could be that I'm superimposing my needs upon his. Ya think?<br><br>Nah.... He should be doing backups of some sort. And the Time Capsule wont soon become obsolete!<br><br>