On the advice of Jashue, I decided to register here to seek help for my Mac releated issues as they present themselves.<br><br>I recently purchased an Airport Express base station only to find that it won't run on my iMac (800 mHz G4 iMac) running OS X 10.3.9. <br><br>What's worse is that under the detailed System profile screen, I see that there is no evidence that there is an airport card on this machine (under airport card, it says "no information found"). Jashue has virtually the same model iMac, and he told me that his came with a card. If it has one, it would say so, right? When did airport cards come standard on Macs? <br><br>A new machine is not in my immediate future-- I might be a year away. I just want to be able to get internet access on my wife's iBook (work provided). <br><br>