Man! That really pizzes me off!<br><br>I thought it was just happening in Safari but it happens isn Firefox too.<br><br>I get a notification in Mail that someone here has responded to a post I made. In the email I click on the link to take me to that response.<br><br>Well, %#@$#@%$#@&#&^$&%(*^(&&%^#^%@$%#@^#$ !!<br><br>Yes, it takes me to the post. But when I go to the index of that Lounge/Soapbox/Tech, ALL fricken threads/posts are marked READ! There could have been 200 UNread posts but they are all marked read.<br><br>Bump!!<br><br>This is when Bump feature comes in handy. I just read first post, and then go 'next', next, next until I have read all that are 'new' to me. If it was not for Bump, those threads could be intermingled all over the index.<br><br>Thanks for Bump, which I love. <br><br>-*-*-*-*-<br><br>So most of the time I do not clink the links in the email I get because of that. If I miss a response, I'm sorry.<br><br>It happened at McCentral forums too<br><br>aapl up a little today at closing. I'm getting ready to buy a teensy bit more. . . <br><br><br><br>