What kind of mouse do you guys use? I'm getting kinda miffed at Logitech. I had a Logitech MX310 that crapped out on me within a year or so. The left button is barely clickable ...most clicks don't register at all. After that, I figured I'd give them another shot and bought a MX400 because I liked the feel and sensitivity. I've probably had it a little over a year and now the left click button is giving me trouble AGAIN. I don't know if I just have a really macho pointer finger or what ...but I really didn't feel like buying another logitech right now.<br><br>I did some looking around and I found out that Razer (a company that specializes in high-end gaming peripherals) has put out a mouse specifically for Mac users called the Razer Pro|Click. After looking around at tons of reviews of their products I decided to stray from Logitech/Microsoft/Kensington this time and give them a shot. Has anyone here used one? or another one of Razer's products like the diamondback or copperhead? I'd be interested to hear your opinions. Pretty much the only bad things I have heard about this mouse is that the light color lends to easier discoloration and the buttons on the side opposite your thumb are hard to get to. I usually only use the 3 main buttons on a mouse so this isn't a problem for me.<br><br>After I get mine I'll be back with a full review (or at least first impressions) ...I have to say I'm pretty anxious to get my hands on this thing and try it out.<br><br>link-o<br><br>zweisoft<br>