I went to your link and found this:<blockquote> <br>• Notes for Mac Users<br>If you want to install Windows XP on an Intel-based Apple� computer, you can use this software, or any 32-bit edition of Windows Vista or Windows XP (with SP2 on the installation disc) by using Apple's Boot Camp technology. However, OEM editions, like this one, will not work with Parallels. </blockquote><br><br>That OEM version will not work with Parallels.<br><br>http://www.royaldiscount.com/miwixpprosp21.html [color:red]Free shipping</font color=red><br><br>If no one else chimes in with different info, I think if I use Boot Camp and buy this software all should be okee doakee . . . <br><br><br><br>