Kate,<br><br>I don't know whether to raise this flag or not. When I received my copy of Parallels in 2006 (ordered with my iMac), there was a statement in the printed manual inside the box that said in System Requirements (p.16) "a full (not OEM) version of the operating system you wish to install." This requirement was not printed on the box, nor listed on the Parallels website, nor in the downloadable User manual. I sent a note to Parallels tech support asking whether it was an old limitation. The answer was "Sometimes OEM version of WindowsXP can not install on the VM created by PD4MAC. It is not some limitation of Parallels, but WindowsXP. OEM are made for certain computer type and this is sometimes checked during installation. So I recommend to order the Windows XP Home Edition Full."<br><br>I had already ordered a copy of Windows so everything would arrive together, and OEM was the cheapest. Without experimenting, I changed my order to the full version. So, if you have Windows already installed for Boot Camp, you may be OK. Otherwise, you might consider this. Maybe check with Parallels tech support to see if it is still valid, or maybe someone here has direct experience. As I say, I wasn't sure whether to raise the flag or not.<br><br>By the way, I had ordered XP from this place. I had found them by doing a search for cheapest on the OEM version, but they also had a reasonable price on the full version, and excellent service.<br><br>Good luck.<br><br><br>Who serves his fellows, is of his fellows greatest - Chingachgook (by legend) <br><br>Scout
Who serves his fellows, is of his fellows greatest - Chingachgook (by legend)