You people were ALL very helpful and I want to thank you for the assistance in making up my mind. Great group! I can't wait to get it finished and play around. Anyone know of a web page offering OEM Win XP Home edition cheap[est]? A reliable one? I found several but am not sure about them. I use to get a lot of SPAM offering unbelievably cheap software.<br><br>Mike,<br><br>I've decided I don't need the full-blown, includes the kitchen sink Win XP Pro. The home version will be enough. I have no means of getting the educational version so I'll have to go with commercial edition. The OEM offering web pages I've looked at: How can I be sure they are not rip off places?<br><br>Bigger,<br><br>I am going with Boot Camp. Your input was really helpful.<br><br>Donna,<br><br>Good to know you're using Boot Camp and I guess pleased with the results other than the keyboard issue.<br><br>"F"[sm]<br><br>Didn't know what Ubuntu was so looked it up and read about it. Hope you get yours working as you want it to work soon.<br><br>Scout,<br><br>Comparing them showed me I don't need Pro. Thanks for that and also the comment about speed over old VPC. I used it years ago and it was practically worthless! Your first hand 'look' at how they appear on the Mac screen was helpful too. Thanks for the input.<br><br>Zwei,<br><br>The products appear to be close in 'features' and 'functioning'. They just have small things that make them useful to different people for different reasons. I'm too chicken to try out the free trial periods of them though.<br><br><br><br>