you just use the boot camp assistant and it's pretty painless if you have the time to wait (about 45 minutes probably). it has a 21 page manual, but i just brought it up on my laptop on the side so i didn't have to print it. it's really pretty easy and it walks you through most stuff. you'll need your leopard install disk to complete the process -- when Windows starts up, you eject the XP install disk and insert Leopard and it automatically pulls up the boot camp assistant and continues right along. i thought that was cool.<br><br>the legwork for me was creating an XP install disk. if you just bought XP then you're way ahead of where i started and you'll be fine.<br><br>i have 4 internal HDs in my computer. one of them is an 80 GB HD that i bought just for XP. that's where i installed it. unfortunately, i did something wrong and now that disk with XP is named Untitled. doh. i can't change it. ah well. <br><br>