Oh, all right, I lied. But there is a town named Obama in Japan.<br><br>Not all of Barack Obama's biggest fans live in the Land of the Free. In fact, 32,000 of them live in the Land of the Rising Sun in a small and unremarkable coastal town with a remarkable name.<br><br>The town of Obama has been quick to show its support for its namesake. There are 'Go Obama!' posters on every wall, 'I love Obama' T-shirts on every other chest, the most regularly played ditty on local radio is a theme song called 'Obama Is A Wonderful World', and the town's bakery is doing a roaring trade in sweet bean cakes with the Democrat hopeful's face on them.<br><br>Mayor Toshio Murakami sent Obama a set of the city's famous lacquer chopsticks, a DVD of Obama and a letter wishing him the best. He even sent him a daruma doll with 'Victory' written across its chest, a traditional good-luck charm in Japanese elections.<br><br>"We formed our group on February 4," said Seiji Fujiwara, the leader of the Obama support group. "He put up a good fight on Super Tuesday and then won eleven consecutive contests, so I think our support did him no harm and, in fact, carried him in the right direction."<br><br>