Amy Post: The Etiquette of Talking Politics<br><br>The only one I disagree with is #2. It's okay to stop participation in an argument, but in an open community, it's rude to do so with just a stock phrase. It's much better to simply point out the sticking point in the disagreement and leave it with that. Saying, "It looks like we just disagree on blah blah. I can see your point though," is much much better than that corny "agree to disagree" crap. Cliches don't say anything and only frustrate people who are in disagreement.<br><br>There is a larger point here though too that is left out, probably because it's too big to fit into a five-point list. Having a polite conversation about things you care about is an ethical activity. Especially with politics, it's a way for people to practice simple courtesy while the personal stakes are in fact pretty low. I've learned more about conflict resolution and allowing other people to see things the way they will in the biggest political fights online at MCF and here at MM.<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U
-- Cee Bee Double-U